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Handcraft digital experiences for remarkable brands

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An old fashion partner for the digital age

Pixel Hero is a web + graphic design agency for individuals and businesses that want to stand out than blend in.

Our job is to see what’s under the hood of your business – be it website, logo, online store, graphic design – and make it represent you, your business and your audience.

We are selective about who we work with and where we can make a real difference. You are with us the whole way, so you’ll never feel that your project has been delegated or outsourced. We welcome direct and honest communication, always in good faith and with a smile. 

If this sounds like the type of old fashion business you’d like to work with, get in touch!


Every design is handcrafted with ❤️and care

We help businesses be seen and be heard for more than 10 years.

We do what we do because we love it and continuously evolve to elevate our craft. That’s why our clients partner with us and repeatedly come back as their business grows.

Web Design
Push the limits of web design and create unique experiences for your customers that they will remember.
We build builds websites on a variety of platforms depending on your business objectives and budget. From simple one-page information sites, to custom-built business and e-commerce sites.

We can also help you to source the images and develope the website copy, so your website is a true extention and reflection of your brand.
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Brand + Creative
A powerful brand experience can be the key to super-charging your ability to attract top talent, galvanise support and increase messaging impact.
You’ve probably heard it said that your brand is not just your logo. True. But it’s hard to think of a great brand that doesn’t have a memorable logo.

Every visual element you use to communicate with your customers – website, emails, business cards, brochures, social media – needs to reflect the values and personality of your brand.

We do this by developing a full Brand Identity Suite which not only includes the logo, but fonts, colours, images and other visual elements, so your brand is always consistent and memorable.
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A nice online store is awesome. But a nice online store that turns clickers to buyers is even better.
Good e-commerce design isn’t just about making making your store looks great, it's more about how it performs, engages and hold shoppers all the way to checkout.

Build a business around any type of products, digital goods or services on the world's most popular eCommerce solution - WooCommerce.
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