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Brookhouse Aerospace is a world-class civil and defense aerospace manufacturing facility specialising in total aero structures solutions. From composites to metallics and assembly treatments, Brookhouse is the epitome of innovation and excellence.
The challenge we faced far exceed the typical demands of crafting a functional new website. In the wake of their Management Buy-Out from Kaman Corporation, Brookhouse Aerospace was not merely changing its business status, it was redefining its identity in the market. They needed a robust, comprehensive branding strategy that would do more than just mark this transition—it had to embody it.
This branding identity had to serve as the cornerstone for the new, independent Brookhouse Aerospace. It had to resonate not just with their current clientele but also speak to potential customers and stakeholders. In essence, Brookhouse Aerospace are stepping out on their own, armed with the same expertise but now with an unshackled vision for the future. Therefore, the task at hand was not merely technical but deeply strategic, requiring a nuanced understanding of both design principles and the complex nuances of the aerospace and defense industry.
The website developed for Brookhouse Aerospace serves as an authoritative representation of their leadership in the aerospace and defense sector. Utilising a refined, professional design, we ensured the site not only meets but exceeds contemporary usability standards.

With an emphasis on intuitive navigation, we've designed a platform that allows potential clients and existing customers alike to effortlessly traverse Brookhouse's extensive capabilities and services. Each aspect of the site is architected to guide visitors toward information and solutions tailored to their specific needs, eliminating friction and enhancing engagement.
New or returning, each visitor is met with a well-defined information architecture that leads them organically through the site's depths. It's not just about linear navigation but about creating an ecosystem in which the visitor naturally encounters opportunities to delve further into the comprehensive offerings that Brookhouse Aerospace provides.

This is more than a simple web development project; it is a digital asset meticulously crafted to align with Brookhouse's strategic vision and market leadership. It serves as a robust, interactive brochure that doesn't just inform but persuades, compelling interaction and fostering lasting impressions. It is, in essence, a digital extension of Brookhouse's industry-leading capabilities, substantiating their role as a market frontrunner.
a screenshot of brookhouse aerospace website
After extensive consultations and strategy sessions, we developed a comprehensive branding identity that was meticulously tailored to align with Brookhouse's vision as well as the stringent demands of the aerospace and defense market.
The centerpiece of this branding exercise was the logo—a vital touchpoint that would be the first interaction many would have with the Brookhouse brand. It had to be more than just visually arresting; it needed to tell a story. Drawing from elements that are deeply entrenched in the aviation industry, we crafted a logo that is not just strong and impactful, but also forward-looking. The design encapsulates a sense of motion, propelling forward, which mirrors Brookhouse's own journey and ambitions in the aerospace sector.
The logo serves as a visual synopsis of everything Brookhouse stands for: strength, innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence. It was engineered to resonate with key stakeholders while staying true to the core principles of the aviation industry, thereby striking a crucial balance between industry relevance and brand-specific uniqueness.
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