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The Friars of St. Francis, situated in the Parramatta diocese in Sydney, is a religious community and a haven of spirituality, service, and community involvement. Living by the tenets of simplicity, apostolic activity and contemplative prayer, the friars embody the essence of Franciscan life. This web design project aimed to translate these foundational elements into a digital platform that mirrors the friars’ real-world values, all while serving as an accessible and engaging resource for their community.
Atmosphere and Tone

One of the first tasks was to encapsulate the inviting and compassionate spirit of the friars in the overall tone of the website. Utilising soft color palettes, complemented by serene imagery, the design achieved a sense of peace and tranquility that welcomes visitors immediately upon arrival.
Navigation & Accessibility

Knowing that a community as diverse as the one served by the Friars of St. Francis would be using the website, ease of navigation and accessibility were given top priority. Information pathways were deliberately designed to be clear, leading users effortlessly to areas such as the friars’ community programs, vocation inquiries and spiritual reflections.
Understated Distinction

The challenge of any religious or spiritual website is to inspire without overwhelming, to inform without preaching. We believe that the new website for The Friars of St. Francis navigates these nuanced boundaries effectively. The design reflects the friars’ humility and service-oriented nature, while the content structure allows for an exploration that respects individual pacing and interest levels.
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