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Mentored, a beacon for Australian SME owners, has always championed the unsung heroes of our economy. With over 2.2 million businesses employing an additional five million individuals, SMEs constitute the largest sector in Australia. Yet, the path of entrepreneurship can be a daunting one — lonely, rife with risks and often filled with stress. Mentored believe that it doesn’t have to be this way. Their platform is dedicated to empowering both current and aspiring business owners with a wealth of inspiring, educational and motivational content to keep them thrive, not just survive.
Mentored’s existing website had grown outdated and no longer aligned with the evolving essence of the brand. Our challenge was clear: to design a new website that not only revitalised Mentored’s digital presence but also made it a trusted companion, a guiding hand and a knowledge hub for SMEs. The website needed to reflect Mark Bouris’ illustrious career and the values Mentored offers, including his three popular shows: “The Mentor,” “Straight Talk,” and “Survive & Thrive.”
Our approach was to craft a website that felt like a mentor itself, an indispensable resource for SMEs. We meticulously designed a user-friendly interface that effortlessly guides visitors through Mentored’s wealth of offerings. The website’s aesthetics now exude professionalism yet street smart, reflecting the caliber of Mark Bouris and the brand itself.
Central to the website’s redesign was the prominent showcasing of Mark Bouris’ shows. Each show now has its dedicated page, making it easier for users to access invaluable insights and advice. The Masterclass subscription option and the Knowledge Center have been integrated seamlessly, ensuring that SMEs never feel alone on their entrepreneurial journey.
The website’s revitalised look and feel mirror Mentored’s mission of empowering SME heroes. It has become a trusted resource for those navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship.
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