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The Bird, a premium whiskey brand co-founded by respected entrepreneur Mark Bouris, embodies the epitome of high craftsmanship and living the good life. The brand sought to develop a compelling digital presence that could serve as a storytelling mechanism, effectively conveying its ethos to the discerning consumer.
Build a visually stunning, user-friendly website that tells the brand story and communicates the essence of high craftsmanship and living the good life.

Innovate with a limited run of NFTs to engage with a new audience and enhance brand value.
The task wasn't simply to build a website; it was to construct a digital narrative that did justice to the liquid gold the brand had to offer. The website needed to embody the same premium, handcrafted essence that defines The Bird whiskey. On top of that, we were charged with the introduction of limited-edition NFTs, adding a contemporary digital layer to a traditionally analog product.
We approached the website as a story, with different pages functioning as chapters. Every design element, from typography to color palette, was meticulously selected to reflect The Bird's brand identity.

We opened with a visually rich hero section featuring cinemagraphs of swirling whiskey to immediately engage the audience.

Detailed explanations and beautiful images were used to delve into the meticulous process of whiskey-making.
A curated floating image gallery highlighted the "good life," featuring The Bird whiskey as a lifestyle choice rather than just a drink.

Finally, we crafted limited-run NFTs that embodied the brand's ethos. Each NFT served as a digital certificate of ownership for a unique barrel of The Bird whiskey, providing additional value to the customers and building a bridge between the physical and digital worlds.

The website Pixel Hero built isn’t just a site; it’s an experience. It perfectly captures what The Bird is all about and I'm thrilled with the results.

Paul Giles
Co-founder of The Bird
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